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XF1 Roster 1.2.4

Roster adds a complete club management system to your forum.

  1. Fredxd
    • XenForo > 1.4.x
    • XFA Tournament > 2.3.0 (Optional - For Team tournaments)



    Xen Factory is bringing you a new complete application for XenForo: Roster

    Roster adds a complete club management system to your forum with the capability to create rosters associated to different games in each club.

    This xF add-on is usable standalone but can also be used in combination with our Tournament addon to host team tournaments


    Key Features
    • Create game list:
      • Enable/Disable game
      • Upload/Delete game icon
    • Create unlimited custom fields for clubs
    • Manage club:
      • Edit club
      • Upload/Delete club logo
      • Unlimited number of rosters in clubs:
        • Add/Edit roster
          • Username autocomplete for roster captain
          • Game selector
        • Delete roster
        • Add member in roster with username autocomplete
        • Revoke user in roster
      • Manage members requests to join club
      • Change club owner
      • Revoke user in club
      • Invite member in club (via user profile and member card)
    • Users can do a lot of actions:
      • Send request to join club
      • Cancel request
      • Leave club
      • Report Club
    • Activity Stream in club:
      • Log owner actions on club (edit club, revoke user...)
      • Log user actions about club (join, leave...)
    • Club members list
    • Club rosters list: we can also view members with member lists overlay
    • Clubs moderation:
      • You can moderate all clubs (club is automatically disable) when:
        • Club is created
        • Club is edited
        • Club owner changed
      • You can see all reports
    Install/Uninstall instructions
    The readme is available HERE.


    1. Screenshot_1.png
    2. Screenshot_2.png
    3. Screenshot_3.png
    4. Screenshot_4.png
    5. Screenshot_5.png
    6. Screenshot_6.png
    7. Screenshot_7.png
    8. Screenshot_8.png
    9. Screenshot_10.png
    10. Screenshot_11.png
    11. Screenshot_12.png
    12. Screenshot_13.png
    13. Screenshot_14.png
    14. Screenshot_15.png
    15. Screenshot_16.png
    16. Screenshot_17.png
    17. Screenshot_18.png
    18. Screenshot_19.png

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