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Fix bug :
  • Vote counter dsplay 0 when hide vote is enable
  • Recurrence don't add owner as watching contest
  • Phrase missing
  • Edit contest reset all number parameters
  • Author avatar in entry lightbox
  • Default contest filtering

New option :
  • Enable infos in postbit
  • Bugs fixed
    • Bug with duplicate attachment on recurrence
    • Bug with unregistered user on category view
  • New features
    • Use rich text on rules
    • Option to select navbar position
    • In a vote, we are not necessarily redirect towards entry
Update script fixed
This is a beta version, it is necessary to install on a test environment.

The complete list of features will be updated when the addon released in final version.

  • New contest filters and sorts
  • Label on contest list view
  • Entries filters and sorts
  • Hightlight my voted entries, and my entries
  • Entry attachment : You can upload image from url
  • Medias contests tools on entries and contests
  • Winner ribbon in message_user_infos
  • New options
  • New style properties
  • Duplicate contest
  • And more
Bugs Fixed :
  • Bug with next and prev entry who roamed the entries of other contests
  • Bugs that allow to add new images at an edition of a entry surpassing the contest setup
New Features :
  • Watching categories :
    • Notifications by alerts and emails when a new contest is create
  • Watching contests :
    • Notifications by alerts and emails when
      • New entry is created
      • Contest is open to vote
      • Contest is end
      • Contest is reopen to vote
  • Reopen contest to vote when the contest has no winner.
  • Option to disable the display of the number of votes of the entry as the contest is not over.
  • Option to configure the language of datetimepicker
  • Option to disable custom permissions of contest
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