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RM/MG Categories Layout

XF1 RM/MG Categories Layout 2.3.3

Thanks for making all the fixes. A great AddOn now with all functions and all needs met. It makes the Resource Manager look very structured and organized.
Excellent support
Looks as expected with Default style, other styles may need css adjustment. Reasonable features (such as option to switch off categories in side bar), seems to perform well even on a 70k images installation. Could be improved with some features, such a showing thumbs and comments for categories with sub categories. Price is a bargain for what it delivers already. Thanks!
Makes the resource manager look clunky without the ability to rearrange the order of the page (featured mods above categories, for example)
Well why not opening suggestion to request that ?
Works fine if you have no subfolders. If there are subfolders it shows no information.
Gives the RM a much better look.