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Bug Fixed:
  • Club icon helper
- Handling of roster users count (compatibility for [XFA] Tournament)
Bugs fixed :
  • "Edit thread id" permission doesn't work
  • Only members in club can be owner
  • Invite to club link appears event if user haven't club
  • Bug with club custom fields (select, multiselect, checkbox and radio)
Feature :
  • New "My Clubs" tab in user profil
Fix :
  • Error on club creation
Bugs fixed :
  • Request optimization
  • Error in log when you invite/add in club
New features :
  • Add multiple club for one user
  • Filter in club list
  • Search club input filter
Bug fix
  • Bug in install
  • Bug with platform
  • Bug with alert
Fix upgrade script
Bug fix :
  • Can't rename with same name
New features :
  • Add permission to invite in club
  • Add options
    • Enable alert when an user send invitation
    • Platform list
    • Add platforms in club title
  • Add thread id input in add/edit club
    • Discussion tab in club view
    • Roster tab in thread view
Bugs fixed : Impossible to delete club field
Bug fix:
  • Bug in install : missing tables