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Who Read This Thread - XF2

XF2 Who Read This Thread - XF2 1.5.0

  • Compatibility with XF2.2
New features:
  • Style properties in order to change block header font size
  • New option in Who has watch this thread: Notification mode
Bug fix:
  • Bug with "Last read date" mode: Read date isn't inserted.
New features:
  • "Limit in last X hours "option: You can display only users who has read thread in last X hours
  • "Insert time" option: Define interval between insertion with "All dates" mode
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  • ErrorException: Fatal Error: syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting ';' or '{' src/addons/XFA/WhoReadThisThread/Finder/ThreadRead.php:64
Bugs fixed:
  • Total for "Who has watch this thread" doesn't display in overlay
  • Total for "Who has read this thread" doesn't display in overlay
  • Server error should be fixed
New feature:
  • New option in order to choose storage mode:
    • Last read date: System store and display last read date​
    • First read date: System store and display first read date​
    • All: System store date everytime user display thread -> This can consume storage in database and slow queries if you have a big board, so be careful about this option.
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Bugs fixed:
  • "See more" link doesn't display well on XF2.1
  • Time doesn't displayed correctly on list
Features added:
  • Add block "Who has watch this thread"
  • Add option in order to display user alphabetically
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  • Change storage for user who has read thread
Bugs Fixed:
  • Viewing thread don't display users if they see another page than first
  • Add tooltip in View details overlay in order to see hour on date
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Add options
  • Display collapsed block for who has read this thread block
  • Display collapsed block for who is viewing this thread block