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    Bug Fixed "Message user info icons position" Does not work properly

    I'd say the add-ons are dead now. They have no plans to update or improve it anymore. Hopefully they'll sell the addons to other developers and let it continue. The addons are really good but need to maintained regularly.
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    Bug Fixed "Message user info icons position" Does not work properly

    This has not be updated right? So there's no point in renewing my license for this addon.
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    Bug Fixed "Message user info icons position" Does not work properly

    message_macros template has been updated so this add-on is no longer fully compatible, you guys need to update the addon as well
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    Suggestion Implemented Show Trophy Icons In Member Card

    Please consider adding an option to show trophy icons in member card as well similar to posts and conversations. Between username and group banners is probably the best location.
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    Suggestion Auto Award Trophy On Set Date

    Not really, currently there's no criteria for trophy where we could choose a predefined date and will be awarded all at the same time automatically.
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    Suggestion Auto Award Trophy On Set Date

    If it's not too much of a bother may we suggest a new criteria for awarding trophy based on a set date. We'd like certain user groups to receive annual trophies like a service medal.
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    Suggestion Exemption for Admins and Mods

    Thank you for your consideration. We thought this is a good feature to have and will be a good reason to renew for those with expired license.
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    Suggestion Exemption for Admins and Mods

    May we suggest to add a usergroup permission to prevent being added to the list. We're hoping our admins and super moderators could view/read/watch a thread without anyone knowing.
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    Suggestion Refused Deleting Server Icons Results To Missing Files

    We've decided to delete all server icons since we do not use them. We have our own icons and it would be easier to look for the icons we want to use if we remove the 225 stock icons. But doing so will flag the filehealth check that those files are missing. Is it possible to exclude them from...
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    Suggestion Implemented Display Order On Trophy Page

    By default, trophies are displayed based on trophy points in ascending order (lowest points on top). And if both trophies have the same points, trophy IDs will be used instead to determine the order (lowest ID on top). If possible, could you make the sorting list based on display order value of...
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    Suggestion Implemented Hide Option In Postbit and Trophy Page

    Hopefully you could add an option on trophy category to prevent display in postbit and trophy page of all trophies under that category. We have some trophies we no longer use but we don't want to delete them to prevent deduction of previously earned trophy points on all affected members.
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    Suggestion Refused Additional Display Options In Postbit

    Actually that wont be necessary anymore with the current version of the addon, since there's an option now for admin to manually set the trophy of a user which should be enough for contest trophies.
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    Suggestion Refused Additional Display Options In Postbit

    To put it simply, add an option to automatically display certain trophies. Such trophies will be displayed even if the user didn't manually set it in his user cp. Another suggestion is to add an option to disable the display of certain trophies. Users wont be able to select such trophies in...
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    Support Done Invalid domain name provided.

    As expected. Another 24 hours lost. If you could fix it to let us set it ourselves that would be better.
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    Support Done Invalid domain name provided.

    When setting URL we encounter error below. " Invalid domain name provided, site is either not reachable or is blacklisted. If you disagree with that, contact the administrator of the website. " We're able to set the URL previously on another addon. It is only this addon we're having issues...
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    Suggestion Allow Moderators To Manually Award Certain Trophies

    Please add a feature allowing moderators to award trophies manually in certain trophy category.
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    Suggestion Implemented Allow Manual Removal of Trophy in ACP

    Currently you can manually add trophy to user. It would be helpful also to remove trophy from a user.
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    Suggestion Implemented Select Trophies To Display in Post Per User via ACP

    We use trophies to award contest winners and some notable achievements but somehow members are not aware how to display them or too humble to do it themselves so we want to take the initiative of doing in for them. We're hoping there's a way we could set which of their trophies to appear on...
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    Suggestion Implemented Resize Post Icon Display On Mobile

    That would be awesome. And while you're at it, could you also find a good spot for these icons on mobile view? Maybe beside the avatar? Or in between user title and user banners?