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  1. frybread

    Suggestion Fixed template modifications fix

    member_view template is not compatible with other addons. The fix is to add $0 at the end. _data\template_modifications.xml find <modification type="public" template="member_view" modification_key="xfa_rm_dt_member_view_tab" description="Add member tab" execution_order="10" enabled="1"...
  2. frybread

    Support Illegal string offset 'icon'

    Getting an odd error in my server logs, haven't been able to replicate it myself. Perhaps conflicting with another addon? ErrorException: Template error: Illegal string offset 'icon' src/addons/XFA/CustomUsernameIcons/XF/Template/Templater.php:77 Generated by: Randomguy May 13, 2020 at 10:13...
  3. frybread

    Bug Fixed Renewal delay doesn't work. No "renew" option is displayed until after license expires.

    There's never an option to renew early. Only items that expire get the "renew" button. No matter what I set "renewal delay" to in the resource, the "renew now" option never appears. I still love the RM Marketplace, thank you for your hard work :)
  4. frybread

    Support Resolved Force a usergroup to have an icon?

    When I go to Usergroup, I see the text, Where do I find the "force user icon" checkbox? I don't need this feature, just noticed that the text is there. Probably left over from XF1 version :p
  5. frybread

    Suggestion Fixed Fix for username icons & EAEaddons "convseration tools"

    I showed the issue to EAEaddons and this is their fix. I can confirm it's working.
  6. frybread

    Support Implemented API downloads are not tracked

    When a user downloads through the API (example: https://www.website.com/community/api/resource-versions/2040/download?file=17709 ) it is not tracked by the download tracker. Even when xf-api-user has a value set. @Fredxd I will fund this feature, let me know how much you estimate!
  7. frybread

    Bug No Answer API returns "can_download" false even if resource is paid

    We need XF API to return "can_download" "true" if the resource has been paid. resources/{id}/versions is always returning false for paid resources. Thank you @MtoR!
  8. frybread

    Not a bug profile links are messed up with certain add-ons

    Using Dragonbyte Shop and/or XenCentral Feedback with [XFA] RM Download Tracker 2.0.1 messes up profile links Normal profile with links like "Postings" "About" etc. If you click on "postings", you stay on the same profile page. Download tracker enabled. Suddenly "feedback stats" is...
  9. frybread

    Fixed profile links are messed up.

    The "member_view" template modification seems to conflict with Dragonbyte Shop and XenCentral Feedback. This results in the tabs breaking the links so it's ugly and opens outside of the user's profile page. If you'd like a copy of the other addons for testing purposes, let me know.
  10. frybread

    Implemented Feature Request: don't show "download tracker" on resources without a download.

    Will pay for this feature to be added. Thank you!
  11. frybread

    No Answer What does "Renewal delay" mean?

    This is the description, But forgive me, I'm a bit slow. If users let the license expire outside of this date, are they not allowed to renew? And what does "0" mean? unlimited renewal days?
  12. frybread

    Fixed Filter for "paid" resources not working

    Xenforo includes a filter for users to find paid/free resources (which depends on authors selecting "external purchase".) I'd like users to be able to filter for paid/free based on RM Marketplace. Can this option be added? Thanks! edit: I think RM Marketplace should be included in the...
  13. frybread

    Bug Resolved Remove "Buy a copy now" button if user has an active license

    edit: nevermind! I see this has to do with the license, and we can turn the "buy" button off.
  14. frybread

    Suggestion Implemented Buyer permission. Log of which user purchased.

    It would be great to have a setting for buyers, not just sellers. My users only want to sell to people in the community, a ranked usergroup in the community. They also want to know WHO in the community clicked the buy button.