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  1. wasserlasser

    Bug Not a bug Links to Document manager in thread are treated as external links

    The links in the automatically created threads in the forum are treated as external links which opens a new tab on my Forum and makes Users think they leave the site. Can this be changed somehow? http://www.wasserlasser.com/threads/erste-schritte.3613/#post-8160 Thanks
  2. wasserlasser

    Bug Fixed Error shown

    I get the following error
  3. wasserlasser

    Support Resolved Keys

    I cannot select between Public and Server Key. I am only getting one key. Please advise
  4. wasserlasser

    Bug Fixed Error in Admin Panel

    I am getting this error in the Admin Panel
  5. wasserlasser

    Support Resolved Show members on map

    At the moment my stats show 56 members from 52 countries which is wrong. But there are also no dots on the map. How do I activate that?
  6. wasserlasser

    Support No Answer Automatic or manual

    Are the tags created automatically or do I have to manual approve each and every suggestion? Thanks
  7. wasserlasser

    Bug Not a bug Update thread when Document is updated

    I would like to have an update to the thread once I update a document. Thanks for considering
  8. wasserlasser

    Bug Fixed Dates not correct

    Thanks so much. I have downloaded and updated the AddOn and there is still a small problem I think It sows the latest Resource but it shows the upload date and not the revised date Wasserlasser
  9. wasserlasser

    Bug Fixed RM Bug

    I am getting this bug now
  10. wasserlasser

    Suggestion Suggestes Resources on top

    I think it would be a good idea to have an option to show the suggested Resources above the categories. Wasserlasser
  11. wasserlasser

    Bug Fixed AddOn causes an error

    Hi, I get this error
  12. wasserlasser

    Bug Fixed A couple of bugs with the layout

    1. It does not show the newest download on the main page This is what it shows But when you go into the category you can see that there are many files that are much newer 2. Every category has the description of the first one Thanks for checking and fixing it
  13. wasserlasser

    Support No Answer No pictures displayed

    Hi, I installed the Addon but there are no pictures displayed anywhere. Please advise Thanks
  14. wasserlasser

    Renew license

    Hi, is a license renewal the same price as a new purchase or do you offer any discounts? Thanks Wasserlasser
  15. wasserlasser

    Support Resolved Error with the Document Manager

    Hi, I am getting the following error
  16. wasserlasser

    Roster : Not sure what it does

    Hi guys, the Roster AddOn looks very interesting but I am not quiet sure what it does. A Roster is this for my team for example : http://www.eliteprospects.com/team.php?team=132 Can I display this? Thanks
  17. wasserlasser


    Can I add license keys and when the User buys something, he gets the key to activate his Software? Thanks