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    Support Not a bug Location: Impossible to retrieve data from API. Please contact administrator

    Updated to latest version now getting error when trying to add any address Location: Impossible to retrieve data from API. Please contact administrator
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    Suggestion User Group Upgrades - Prompt

    When a user selects to view the member list of a paid user group there should be a prompt for them to join the group that takes them to the account upgrades page
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    Bug In progress Won't show on Widget Frame Work 2.6.3

    Having to use the default placement which puts it #1 on my side bar :(
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    Suggestion Font Awesome Message User info Fields

    STATE -  fa-map-signs [] LOCATION - fa-map-o []
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    Bug Fixed Typo In Settings

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    Suggestion Done Spammers/Banned User Groups Still Show In Sidebar Stats, Member Cards and Profiles

    When excluding a user group from the map all it does is remove their pin. it needs to remove their map data completely as they are not permitted to use its features and the spammers/Banned users become the top stats in cities and states making the site look bad among other things
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    Suggestion Done MOST POPULAR STATES

    can you add most popular states to side bar?
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    Support Refused Map Menu Siblings Display

    I have multiple maps Member Finder Map Militia Finder Map Militia Laws Map Gun Laws Map Knife Laws Map The member finder map is your add on... when looking at your map the links to the other maps disappear ... here is how i want it to show....
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    Support Resolved Very Nice! Here is my Map! Can i make it Taller?

    how can i make the map taller?
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    Bug Not a bug Strange Error

    a user sent me this image , he is unable to locate this member by clicking on his pin, i clicked on users pin and the location worked correctly , i thought maybe this was a permission issue but couldn't find any setting for it see attachment..
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    Bug Fixed Members cant log in...

    update on LOG IN is turned on...
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    Bug Fixed Cant open hot spots to see individual pins

    when there are multiple people from one area , you can zoom in all the way but the "hotspot" wont open to show the members member-finder-map.130
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    Suggestion Refused pdf support with embed

    can you add support for pdf files to where they embed and are available for download permission based
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    Support Fixed my map quit zooming correctly

    it just goes blank when trying to zoom http://www.mymilitia.com/link-forums/member-finder-map.130/
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    Suggestion Roster Add-on

    with a few tweaks it could be the best social groups add on available , all you have to do is give it a wall for only group members to communicate on
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    Support Resolved Google Api Public Key ?

    my Google Api Public Key field is blank, what api am i suppose to put in here?
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    Bug Not a bug Location field doesn't auto complete and locator pin don't work after upgrade

    just upgraded to 1.1.1 and the locator don't work when setting a location , and the field doesn't auto complete your address either
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    Bug Fixed Location on map doesn't link to users pin

    when click on the location on map icon it goes to the map page and shows the members card but the map isn't zoomed into the users location