• We are aware that a no permission error was shown when you tried to purchase in the last 2 days, this is now fixed.

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  1. TommyTran732

    Bug Resolved Undefined Showing up when no default payment email is set

    When a user does not set an email, it shows up as undefined and the resource cannot be downloaded.
  2. TommyTran732

    Bug Resolved Admin cannot download resources

    Admin users, even with the proper permissions, cannot download premium resources without giving themselves a license.
  3. TommyTran732

    Bug Fixed RM Donation

    Hi, I need help with the addon RM Donation, I dont see the forums catergory for this so I am posting in RM Market place. The addon does not seem to work. I can set a donation email, the default amount, etc... but when a user click download, the prompt asking for donation does not show up at...
  4. TommyTran732

    Branding removal?

    Hi, I wonder where I can purchase the branding removal for RM Marketplace and how much it would cost? Thank you, Thien
  5. TommyTran732

    Product not received?

    Hi, I bought this product: https://www.xen-factory.com/index.php?resources/nodes-icon-tweak-xf2.89/, however it says the payment was pending. I wonder if you could approve the payment and add the resource to my account? Thank you
  6. TommyTran732

    No Answer Error when attempting to purchase a product

    Hello, When attempting to purchase something, my XenForo instance provides an error in the Admin CP. The error is as follows: ErrorException: Fatal Error: XFA\Core\Service\PayPal\AbstractExpressCheckout::__construct(): Failed opening required...