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  1. ParallelMC

    Bug RM Donation

    Hi, I need help with the addon RM Donation, I dont see the forums catergory for this so I am posting in RM Market place. The addon does not seem to work. I can set a donation email, the default amount, etc... but when a user click download, the prompt asking for donation does not show up at...
  2. ParallelMC

    Branding removal?

    Hi, I wonder where I can purchase the branding removal for RM Marketplace and how much it would cost? Thank you, Thien
  3. ParallelMC

    Product not received?

    Hi, I bought this product:, however it says the payment was pending. I wonder if you could approve the payment and add the resource to my account? Thank you
  4. ParallelMC

    No Answer Error when attempting to purchase a product

    Hello, When attempting to purchase something, my XenForo instance provides an error in the Admin CP. The error is as follows: ErrorException: Fatal Error: XFA\Core\Service\PayPal\AbstractExpressCheckout::__construct(): Failed opening required...