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    Bug Fixed Not working

    Latest version of this doesn't seem to be working. I have set up a template and applied all the settings correctly. Also tested on the default style. When creating a thread nothing appears in the editor.
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    Suggestion Future updates

    @MtoR Again im raising concerns regarding this addon but more so all across your addons. I provided feedback after running testing on my own site with your addon yet to our knowledge you haven't even updated your license for XF 2.2 This forum contains a wealth of requests that could make this...
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    Support Resolved XF 2.2 Tournament

    Ran two types of tournaments (single elimination, round robin) yesterday and also been testing the last two weeks. No issues so so far however like most posts on here and on XF forums id like to see some upgrades for this forum version.
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    Suggestion League Table Widget

    Would it be possible to have a league table (round robin) widget?
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    Bug Fixed Name cut off

    As per the title seem the tournament featire is cutting off the bottom of the lower name. Please provide a fix.
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    Bug No Answer Server error

    As per the title. This keeps appearing in my error log: ErrorException: [E_NOTICE] Undefined offset: 16 src/addons/XFA/Tournament/Entity/Bracket.php:178 Generated by: ******* Apr 19, 2019 at 8:32 PM Stack trace #0 src/addons/XFA/Tournament/Entity/Bracket.php(178)...
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    Bug Fixed Submitting result on round robin

    On the latest beta version submitting a result on the round robin does not work. Enter the score and the screen just moves up to the top of the table and result does not save. Thanks
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    Suggestion Round robin - User score submitt

    I know we spoke about it in another thread but like you said have all suggestions in one thread. Can we have user submit and confirm results in round robin please?
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    Suggestion Alert on score submit

    Installed the new version and testing the user input feature. Superbly done by the way. Does need a couple of tweaks though to finish it off. Alert to the other user when a result has been submitted. IE I submit a result of 2-1 to me vs you. You then receive an alert which says the result has...
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    Support Resolved Questions before purchase

    Looking to purchase this but have a couple of questions. Is it compatible with 2.1.1? If so can this be used on more than one forum node? So for example I can set up multiple templates in different forum nodes?
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    Support Resolved XF 2.1 Compatability?

    Is the latest version of tournament compatible with XF 2.1? if not have you any idea of a release date as this will be the last of my addons before the upgrade. Thanks
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    No Answer Winner on round robin

    Hey guys Just to let you know that the winner for a round robin league is shown even when the league is not complete. It currently changes during the season to whoever is top of the league. Is this suppose to happen?
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    Fixed Single elimination bracket issue

    As above. After recent update 3.0.2 Single elimination bracket does not show.
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    Multiple Leagues

    Request to add multiple leagues to one setup. IE if I run a tournament for 16 players i can allocate them into league like the World Cup. At moment I have to create separate leagues.
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    Submit win/loss only

    Submit win/loss instead of scores. Rather than inserting a result admins would be able to progress a member to the next round without inserting a results. Some tournament we run such as a golf matchplay would need this. Hope you consider this.
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    Refused King of the hill format

    Please can I request the following to be added to this resource? King of the hill is a winner stay on competition. A king is assigned to the hill. Members then sign up and they are added to a list. Each member in turn (order of sign up so if I was first to sign up I would challenge the king...
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    Refused Feature suggestions

    Hey guys. First of all great work on porting over tournaments for XF2 and thanks for the support. I have some suggestions which I hope you guys would implement in the future. Member submit and confirm results. Alerts sent when a member submits a results and also when a member confirms a...
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    Fixed Error when generating matches

    This error occurs when generating matches for a round robin tournament. ErrorException: [E_WARNING] Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in src/addons/XFA/Tournament/Pub/Controller/Tournament.php at line 944 XF::handlePhpError() in src/addons/XFA/Tournament/Pub/Controller/Tournament.php at...
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    Fixed Bracket disappears

    When submitting results on various occasions the bracket will disappear on the page and only refreshing will bring it back.
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    Implemented Styling issue

    Hey guys. I currently have a dark skin installed so we are having issues seeing the bracket. Is there a colour changer in the addon?