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    Bug Resolved Profile widget link

    <a href="{{ link('members/visitors', $user) }}">{$title}</a> should be changed to <a href="{{ link('help/trophies') }}">{$title}</a> And <div class="block" data-widget-section="lastVisitors"{{ widget_data($widget) }}> to <div class="block" data-widget-section="xfa_te_trophies"{{...
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    Suggestion Implemented Manually add/remove user trophy

    I suggest adding an option to give the user a specific trophy or remove the awarded trophy from the user.
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    Bug Fixed Template error: Illegal string offset 'faq_category_id'

    I get this error every time I visit the FAQ page.
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    Suggestion Filter threads by prefix

    I would suggest adding an option to filter threads by selected prefixes.
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    Suggestion Implemented Edit Nodes tabs phrase

    It would be better if changed Nodes tabs phrase to Node tabs as in navigation menu.
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    Bug Fixed Can't add a tab

    I can't create a tab after a clean install.
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    Suggestion Payment profiles support

    This add-on should support payment profiles.
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    Suggestion Done Store first read date

    I would suggest adding an option to store first time read date instead of last read date.
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    Suggestion Implemented Adding toggle to enable/disable tabs

    I suggest adding toggle to enable/disable tabs and a checkbox option under display order. It would be nice if there block-footer to display total number of tabs in the list.
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    Suggestion Implemented Sort option

    I would suggest adding sort option just like in nodes to sort tabs easily. It would be better if changed Nodes tabs phrase to Node tabs as in navigation menu.
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    Bug Fixed Slow loading

    Hello, These two options 'Latest Posts List' and 'Most Liked Posts' make the forum statics take around 20 seconds to fully load the page, this issue occurs in big boards only. Thanks!
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    Suggestion Top Poster Statistics

    Hi, This add-on should include a feature to show top poster statistics in last X hours. It would be better if we can add the widget through Widget Framework, select the forums and user groups. Thanks in advance!