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    Support Bug MOT Widget not showing most recent months image

    Hi, The MoTM widget was showng the winning image evert month, but the most recent MOTM that ended end of December the winning image is not showing in the widget? Please help. Thanks
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    Support Winners Ribbon on Avatar

    Hi guys, Couple of our members have pointed out what they thought was a bug. The ribbon only shows on their avatar in their private conversations and on their profile but NOT on their posts and thread avatars? Is this a known bug? Is there a work around. Thanks guys
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    MOTM for xf2.1

    Hey guys, I had the MOTM for xf1.5 and would like to get the 50% discount for the xf2 version. Please let me know how to proceed. Thanks!
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    Suggestion Refused Voting on attachments?

    Hi, Can users vote on attachments? only a handful of members use the gallery as its quicker to attach directly to a post. Thanks
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    Support No Answer MOTM Not starting thread

    Hi guys, I retired the MOTM comp, today I restarted by re-enabling the addon. I voted on a couple of media but noticed that no thread showing the votes has been started. I'm using same setting as before and MODE 2 like before. Is this problem because i didn't pause in the MOTM options but...
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    Bug Server Errors caused by MOTM

    Hi guys, I noticed server errors caused by the addon, when disabled the error is not reproduced. The below code came from https://freecannabis.com/media/index.rss - it didnt show rss and caused 2 server errors in back end. When I disable addon the rss works and there are no server errors...
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    Bug Cannot Reproduce Unspecified error on nomination

    Hi thanks for the excellent addon :) I set it up a short while ago and notice that no thread was started, presumably as the 1st of the month has passed. Now when a user votes, it creates a notice "unspecified error" but it does post the vote to a thread created on the first vote. Any help...
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    Support Refused XFMG Album Block

    Hi guys, The readme link with the installation instructions doensn't work. Could you please point me in the direction of some instructions. Thanks