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    Suggestion Refused Ladder support

    In a ladder competition (either single users or as teams), players are listed as if on the rungs of a ladder. The objective for a player is to reach the highest tier of the ladder. It works through a series of challenges where you play games vs other users (or teams). You can challenge other...
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    Suggestion Important feature suggestions for mode 2 (or new mode)

    So for us, mode 1 is not an option. We don't want to scatter the media library with albums for each month. We want those added into the various categories we already have. Sadly, mode 1 is where most of the features are. Mode 2 is very bare-bones, and not really usable either. So here comes a...
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    Bug Resolved Getting XFRM categories in options, not XFMG

    Just installed this addon. On the options page, I'm getting the XFRM categories to chose from, not the XFMG categories.