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    Bug No Answer Error in Log - Invite or Add Team/club

    i have the last version of XFA Roster add-on. i have made my team and after i added my new team to tournament but your add-on makes the error described.
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    Suggestion Refused Database side Request

    Yes i understand but XFA Tournament is different to other add-on , because users that have bought this add-on needs to have all aspect of addon working to 100%. For example: i know some person that to thinks to buy your add-on but to date them doesn't want an addon not complete. Each suggestion...
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    Suggestion No Answer Trophies board

    Hi @Fredxd , is possible to insert in your add-on a Trophies board ? connected with XFA Tournament Add-on. I bought XFA Tournament today ,but when i delete a ended tournament it would be nice if winner of specific tournament can to keeps the final result ( the victory of the tournament ) on...
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    Bug Fixed Team Tournament , no Player word

    Hello @MtoR , i make a Team/Roster tournament but Tournament list contains Player test, see this image: I thinks if i make a Team/Roster Tournament a correct words is Team 1 , Team 2 , ect and not Player 1 , Player 2 , ect. How can fix this problem? Thanks you
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    Suggestion Refused Database side Request

    Hello @MtoR , to implement and to be a best add-on this XFA Tournament needs to add a database side. I bought today this add-on and i found some limits. http://www.xen-factory.com/index.php?threads/users-can-take-agreement.1147/...
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    Bug No Answer Error in Log - Invite or Add Team/club

    Hello @MtoR , i have bought XFA Tournament add-on but when i invite or add a team/club Loge make this error: Log Server Error Info Errore Zend_Db_Statement_Mysqli_Exception: Mysqli prepare error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server...
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    Suggestion Implemented Double Confirm Final Result of Match

    Hello @MtoR , is possible to insert to future update a confirmation score? For example: if user-01 confirmed the final result of match and if user-08 confirmed the final result of match the final result is validated/confirmed. Each user confirmed our result and only if both are some result...
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    Suggestion Done Add Owner username to Club List

    Hello , FTP Files: 1- XFA folder --> Roster Folder --> ControllerPublic folder --> Oper: Club.php 2- After : $clubDw->set('admin_id', $users[1]['user_id']); and Before to: $clubDw->save(); insert this code: $clubDw->set('owner_username', $username); and Save File and changes. 3- XFA...
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    Suggestion Done Platform Game

    Hello, if you want i create this code to show a cover to each teams: 1- i create a custom field with id : xfa_roster_platform_club ; 1.1 - Option to choise: Pop-up single choise. - possible choices (value/text) : pc/pc - ps4/ps4 - xboxone/xboxone 2- In xfa_roster_wrapper Template i insert...
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    Suggestion Add Cover

    new code: <xen:foreach loop="$club.customFields" value="$field" key="$key"> <xen:if is="{$key} == 'xfa_roster_cover_club'"> <xen:if is="{$field.value} != ''"> <div class="coverTeam" style="background: url({$field.value}) no-repeat;"></div> </xen:if> </xen:if>...
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    Suggestion Roster Icon

    Hello @Fredxd , is possible to add a field in Edit Roster menu? this voice: - Edit Roster menu -- Icon Roster (inside Edit Roster menu) and custom icon roster. Thanks
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    Support Suggestion Calendar Round

    Do you add this request to future release?
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    Support Suggestion Calendar Round

    Yes , dates for each of the rounds. See this : This is a Caledar of Match.
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    Support Suggestion Calendar Round

    Hello @MtoR , i have a question about Tournament add-on: There is a Calendar to match or rounds? For example a Calendar to Rounds Robin Solo Tournament or other modality of Tournament. If this request is present : Where i can manage the Calendar of rounds? If this request isn't present ...
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    Support Resolved Moderation Team: many alerts

    Hi @Fredxd , is possibile to disable or change a moderation team? When a leader of team change information about your team , arrive to me (i'm an Admin) a moderation team advice. With 100 and more team all days i get many alerts. How to fix it? Thanks you
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    Suggestion Refused Users can take agreement

    Ok , i thinks that this is a good situation to improve your add-on.
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    Suggestion Implemented Users can report a final result of match

    Notes are very important. Do you play with games? You thinks that your add-on is used to FPS game. If you are an Admin of a web-site of FPS game you need to include notes. For example: Leader of Team A report final result of FPS match. Staff need to know some information: - MVP - members team in...
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    Suggestion Refused Users can take agreement

    Yes this is a problem. You can take this suggestion to implement your add-on and will use a database table dedicated to matches. Where you save information about tournament structure? have you dedicated a database table to generic information about tournament?
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    Suggestion Add Co-Leader

    Hello @MtoR and @Fredxd : i want to give you a suggestion: To Roster Add-on (@Fredxd ): - Can add a possibility to add 2 Co-Leader ( or Vice-Capitan) to roster? To Tournament Add-on (@MtoR ): You can add this permissions: - co-leader can take agreement - co-leader can report a final result of...