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  1. Clement

    XF1 Nodes Icon Tweak 2.8.1

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Additional languages available French Description Nodes Icon Tweak allows you to easily change the default icons of your nodes (Read, unread, pages and links). Five types of replacement icons are available: Font Awesome Icons loaded from your server Sprite...
  2. Clement

    XF1 Custom Username Icons 3.6.1

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Description Custom Username Icons brings a new level of customization for you and your users ! This add-on lets your user select an icon to be displayed near their username everywhere on your board. Icons can be selected either from a list of Font Awesome icons...
  3. Clement

    XF1 Background Chooser 3.1.1

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Description Background chooser allows your members to select a background directly from the forum and apply it instantly! Features Usergroup permissions Enable / disable through option Unlimited number of backgrounds Possibility to set the first background...
  4. Clement

    XF1 Apple App Store BBCode 2.0.1

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Description This add-on adds a new Apple App Store BBCode to your forum. Install/Uninstall instructions The readme is available HERE.
  5. Fred

    XF1 XenProduct Manager Categories 2.1.0

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Xen Product Manager > 1.2.x Description With XenProduct Manager Categories, categories are finally brought to XenProduct Manager ! Features Unlimited categories and Sub Categories (New in 2.1.0) Usergroup permissions Categories block in XenProduct Manager...
  6. Fred

    XF1 Post-It 2.2.0

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Description This add-on lets your members stick post-its to your forum, eg. to take notes or remember important tasks to-do. With our Post-It add-on, your members can create as many post-it as they like, change their width, the background color and write any text...
  7. Fred

    XF1 Mandatory Presentation 2.0.0

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Description Ensuring new members present themselves to your community when joining your forum is always a difficulty. With our Mandatory Presentation, this is now a problem of the past. This add-on lets you force all your new members to create a presentation...
  8. Fred

    XF1 Avatar Identicons 2.0.0

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Description An Identicon is an avatar that corresponds to a unique hash of data. For more information, visit the Wikipedia page. Once this add-on is installed on your forum, your users will be able to select to use as avatar an automatically generated Identicon...
  9. Fred

    XF1 Usergroup Block 2.2.1

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Description This add-on allows you to add a new block in your forum sidebar where the list of your usergroups will be displayed along with the number of members belonging to each of them. Thanks to a set of options, you can select wether the displayed number of...
  10. Fred

    XF1 Extended Cover 4.2.9

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Description Have you ever wished to have a more neater look'n'feel for the threads, forums and profiles on your forum ? Then Extended Cover is just what you wished for ! With adequate permissions, your members can select to upload multiples cover images when they...
  11. Fred

    XF1 Thread Copy 2.0.0

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Description With this add-on, the copy of a complete thread (or only the first post) in another forum is just a few clicks from you ! Features Copy a thread from: the new link in the Threads Tools menu or the inline moderation feature Usergroup permission...