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media contest

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    Bug Fixed Default contest filtering

    I have selected option : So members can see contests that are open for submission and vote. But if the contest only is open for submission or only open for vote it does not show up. The only contests that show are the ones that are open for submission and vote simultaneously. So it either...
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    Bug Not a bug 7 day entry + 7 day vote on weekly contest

    I'm not sure if this is bug or suggestion.. I would like to have a contests that have 7 days to enter and 7 days to vote that starts weekly. So after the 7 day submission period the 7 day vote period starts. In effect it would be two competition open at the same time, only one is vote only and...
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    Suggestion Notification on moderation.

    Notifications on moderation similar to Gallery (screenshot attached) would be helpful. So the user can be notified if their submission is altered or deleted. (I don't need the hide from public view, just the notifications)
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    Bug Fixed Recurrence

    It seems two contests that should have ended yesterday morning is still open. Can you see if it is a bug causing this?
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    Suggestion Trophy points integration

    Integrate the trophy points system.
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    Suggestion Winner Banner on profile

    Hello, On your profile there is a winner banner that leads to the cat contest. How did you set this up?
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    Bug Fixed Notifications do not carry over on recurrence

    The notifications on the contest do not carry over when created with recurrence. For the original contest I got notified for each entry, this does not happen on the next one created by recurrence.
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    Suggestion Follow/Watch/Notification system

    A system where entrants and voters get a update on the contest progress daily or each time someone enters. Could be an idea to have a countdown system on last week of the contest. I like the idea of "follow" better than "watch" as it sounds more friendly and engaging.
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    Suggestion RSS Feed of winners separate to entries.

    I'm looking for a easy way to create a RSS feed of the winners. I use RSS feeds to automatically share info from the forum on social media. Let me know if you have thought for the best way to do this.
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    Bug Fixed Recurrence

    It seems to be a bug with recurrence. The newly created contest have 1 day for entry and vote. It should have 7 days and merge like the previous one. It started on correct time.
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    Bug Refused Looks like every vote is counted twice

    It looks like every vote is counted twice.
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    Bug Not a bug Empty entry

    There is an empty entry. This should not be possible, or not show in the contest index..
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    Suggestion Member profile tabs

    The members have a tab showing media contest even if they have not participated. If they have not participated in any contests it is just empty. It could be an idea to have a link to the the contests page instead of being empty? Maybe a text saying, "{member} Have not participated yet, (click...
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    Bug Fixed The vote counter shows 0 when hide vote enabled

    The counter shows 0 when hide vote enabled. It should maybe not show anything? I will probably turn of the hide vote again to see if it encourages voting..
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    Suggestion Custom user fields

    Have "custom user fields" when creating the competition. I would like to ask for social media account, and preferably make it required. (with a tick box "not available) if they don't have the required account)
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    Suggestion Resolved Navbar position

    It would probably be better to have the competition behind home as first selection.
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    Bug Not a bug Images not displaying correct in firefox (mac)

    Not displaying like thumbnails in Firefox
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    Suggestion Hide competition option

    I would like to have the option of hiding a competition. Mainly so I can start creating it and save it hidden and finish it later. But it might be useful to hide a finished competition too.
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    Suggestion Mobile Function/design

    The thumbnails and some other details disappear on mobile view. It think it is important that it looks good on mobile phones too. (attached a suggestion).
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    Suggestion Entry thumbnail

    The thumbnail showing the winner is really nice! It would be great to have the same for entries. I think it might be good to show the winner in the "last entry" space at the end and have the entry thumbnails where the winners is now. The winner thumbnail would then also have space to be bigger.