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  1. Fred

    XF2 Who Read This Content 1.0.0

    Description Ever wanted to provide more information related to views of content on your forum ? Then Who read this content is definitely the solution to your need. With this add-on you can display, for various forum contents such as thread, forums, resources, medias, and much more to come, the...
  2. Fred

    XF2 Unmaintained - Who Read This Thread - XF2 1.5.7

    Support A new addon Who read this content was release, this addon is so no longer supported. Requirements XenForo 2.2.0+ Description You want know who read threads, or know who is viewing thread, this addon will help you. Features Options : Who has read this thread Enable/Disable...
  3. Clement

    XF1 Conversation Read Alert 2.0.2

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Description This add-on allows your members to receive notifications when conversations or posts in conversations are read. Features Usergroup permission Conversation read alerts can be disabled through user preferences Install/Uninstall instructions The...