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  1. Clement

    Website update rolled-out

    Dear customers, We have just successfully upgraded our website to the latest available software versions. We also took the opportunity to refresh our look'n'feel, I hope you enjoy it. Don't hesitate to report us any glitch you would jump into. Clément
  2. Fred

    XF2 XFRM Update Announcement Thread 1.1.0

    Requirements XenForo > 2.1 Description Create new announcement's thread in specific forum when resource is updated or created You can define options for each resources category Features Multiple global options Enable annoucement thread Resource creation options Destination forum Thread...
  3. Fred

    XF1 Update From TC 1.2.0

    This add-on simply lets you export your data from the ThemesCorp version of our add-ons to the Xen Factory one. Install/uninstall instructions are available HERE.