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  1. Clement

    XF2 Users Ratings/Reputations System 1.2.0

    Requirements XenForo 2.1/2.2 Description Have you ever wanted to provide your users with the ability to judge one another with something a little more detailed than the Reaction system ? Our Reputation System add-on aims at filling this gap allowing users to give positive, neutral or negative...
  2. Clement

    XF2 Default editor format - XF2 2.0.1

    Requirements XenForo 2.1.x+ Description Have you ever wanted to have a default set when you make your post to avoid changing each time the font and formatting options ? This add-on solves this by providing you with configuration options in the usercp to set wether you want your text to be in...
  3. Clement

    XF2 Forum Sales - XF2 3.0.1

    Requirements XenForo 2.0.0+ (< V2.3.0) / 2.2.0+ (>= V2.3.0) [XFA] Core 1.6.0 Paypal Premier or Business account (for paypal payments) Description Have you ever searched for a simple sale/classifieds solution allowing your user to sell their stuff directly from the forums ? Forum Sales is the...
  4. Clement

    XF2 Custom Username Icons - XF2 5.0.8

    Requirements XenForo 2.0 (< V4.0.4) / 2.1 (< V4.0.9) / 2.2 (>= 4.0.9) [XFA] Core > 1.12.0 Description Custom Username Icons brings a new level of customization for you and your users ! This add-on lets your user select one or multiple icons to be displayed near their username everywhere on...
  5. Fred

    XF1 Send Email When User Is Tagged 1.0.0

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Description Send an email to the user who is tagged Features Usergroup permission Enable/Disable option User preference Work with email templates Work on post & profile Install/Uninstall instructions The readme is available HERE.
  6. Clement

    XF1 Custom Username Icons 3.0.0 Released

    We are proud to announce the release of the version 3.0.0 of our well known add-on Custom Username Icons. This new release is a major release as we have had to change the database fields and code structure to cope with addition of new features for icon customization. Of course, it comes along...