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Suggestion Add the cover loading to the page "add_resource" for free goods for Alternative Resource Display


New Member
Can I somehow add the cover loading to the page adding goods (if free goods) the ability to insert the picture for Alternative Resource Display?
Since it is difficult for the forum users to explain then that they need to go repeatedly to the product page and change the cover of the goods in the menu
I tried to insert the code (Instead of inserting resource_icon):

<xf:form action="{{ link('resources/image', $resource) }}" upload="true" ajax="true" class="block">
    <div class="block-container">
        <div class="block-body block-row">
            <xf:macro name="image" arg-resource="{$resource}" />
        <xf:submitrow icon="save" rowtype="simple" />

To the code xfrm_category_add_resource adding page, but the picture cannot be loaded.
If I indicate that the goods are for sale, then all the norms - the cover is loaded without problems.

Or the second option: that I can add a product for sale, but be able to install 0 in price, then the goods would be considered as free, then it was possible to put up the cover of the goods without error. Since now I can't add a product with 0 price