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Suggestion All Stores


New Member
hi folks,

how about a bbcode that can handle all big stores like this one for wordpress...


most tech sites are about more than only apple, so i think you can sell a lot more addons, when your product supports google play, amazon and others too ;)

i would buy it :D

best regards


New Member
more something like the media bbcode from s9e. you click a store button (one button for all), put in the link to the app and it recognizes the store like google play, amazon, apple, etc and it shows the infobox of the app instead of a video.


take a look at the wordpress plugin from my first post and you'll see what i mean.


Freaky Coder
Staff member
The idea is nice, though we won't be doing that right now as we see limited potential to this one and we have pretty big work list.