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Suggestion Implemented Automatically Generate Tag Keywords


New Member
See entire page with MTOR and Wesker.

Two possible solutions :
  • Periodic check while user is typing (may be hard).
  • Automatic upon post based on some parameters you would say (like number of words occurences etc).


New Member
Automatically create tags.If the user sees tags they don't like it will force them to remove them as well. Alot of pros to do this. After anyone leaves a new thread topic, tags are automatically generated and created for them if left unblank.


Freaky Coder
Staff member
Your first post yes but I didn't get the meaning of the second one.



New Member
Hey there!

I am Josec arrm. and new to this platform. Can anyone here which help me about searching best
meta tags analyzer. I need meta tags for my blog website.
Suggest me the fastest and best tools.

Thanks in advanced.
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