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Suggestion Badge and levels


Freaky Coder
Staff member
So, here is a list of features i would like to see. I really would extend this into a badge / level system that extends the existing trophy system.

A badge is an icon that represents one or multiple (a group of) achievements a user has earned. When creating a badge, there should be a couple of options.
  • Badge-Type
    • Open: The user can see the badge and the achievement that is attached to it.
    • Surprise: The user can see the badge but not the attached achievements.
    • Secret: The badge only appears if the user has earned it.
    • Exclusive: The badge can't be earned. Only admins can award it to a user
  • Icon
  • Category
  • Achievement
    • Points: User will earn the badge once he reaches the amount of points
    • Trophy: The badge will be earned together with an achievement
    • Level: Once he reaches a selected level, the badge will be earned
  • Usergroup
    • Once a user has earned the badge, there is also the option he will become member of another usergroup (good for rewards)
  • Dependency
    • A checkbox list of all the other badged. If a badge is selected, the new badge can only be earned if the user has already earned the selected badge.
A level is also "just" gamification stuff. You can set up points per level and once a user reaches the points he moves to the next level. A progress bar is shown so he knows about his points, his level and how many points he needs to reach the next level.

User / Display option
  • There should be options to display the badges and the level in different locations (new profile tab, conversation, post, membercard,...)
  • If a user has a lot of badges, he can pick which one will be shown besides his messages
    • An option would be, to show more badges once he reaches a higher level
  • Of course there should be a leaderboard (levels) and an overview which user earned a badge
I know it's a lot of stuff but i love the gamification stuff and XF lacks a lot in this area. As said before, of course i would pay for the development. Maybe @Alfa1 can extend this list since he's also very creative about the gamification / user engagement stuff. upload_2019-2-13_20-8-16.gif