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Support Resolved Bought 2 Forum Sales Addons, Couldn't Configure One URL


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This past week I had purchased two licenses to use, and on one of the two I tried putting in a url to a forum I was planning on putting it on, and it ended up saying that the domain was invalid or something along those lines, and I ended up putting in a link to a separate forum I was planning on putting a copy on. Now I have two copies for the same domain, but not for one of the two I wanted to use.

Could the first purchased copy I made, be linked to https://bizdustry.com/ ? I co-administrate that forum, and was planning on adding the mentioned addon to the forum, but apparently the person in charge of the license forgot to pay for the license renewal for further updates and support. The license is otherwise valid for the forum. I am guessing that might be the reason why the url wasn't allowed to be put in the url field.

EDIT: The license for the forum itself has been updated. So that might help. :) Inquiry still open.
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Freaky Coder
Staff member
No it happens that if there is some DDOS protection our domain validation blocks.

I'll change it for you.


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Ah ok. Didn't realize that would happen because of CloudFlare. Next time I probably should turn off the protection, when I am ready to purchase an addon.