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Suggestion Refused Can Tools tip option be added for each Icon?

oO5 Dynasty

Love the addition of being able to add multiple Icons next to user names.
Can we please get the ability to add an ALT Description for each icon? Via Tools Tip Option. This way when a member hovers the mouse over the icon, It will give a description for that icon.

oO5 Dynasty

That would be complicated for font awesome icons
oh, well could you do it for the icons if not for the font awesome.
It is just weird hovering over The icon and not having a description of it pop out.
Let's say site members use the server-side youtube-icon or font-awesome youtube SVG icon, somebody might say Subscribe to my youtube when hovering over the icon. Then another member might just put their youtube name in the description.

But if it's somethign that cant be done, then ok.
hover effect.png


Freaky Coder
Staff member
I do understand the use case.
It doesn't seem something that would be required by many customers though.