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Bug Fixed Error when quantity is 0 and sale is done

Ok so I did some debug as I still got the ftp accesses on your website.

It all went fine so I investigated a bit, to find that there:

You have set the quantity to 0 !

From the beginning I was asking, have you set quantity to a value above 0 and you said me yes I did but in fact you did not !!!

So it's indeed the issue of the quantity when it reaches 0, but why did you answer you had set a quantity while you had not ?

Anyways you shouldn't be having the error anymore, I put a fix for the positive number issue.
Thank you for your investigation. Sorry, I thought I did. I had to create two sale items due to shipping deference's in and out of country, perhaps the one I forgot to se a quantity. How would one change the quantity if the thread has already been created in a case like this? Also, is this something you fixed on the back end for my add on only or is there going to be a hot fix of sorts? Do I need to worry about this for future sales in the existing thread or do I need to make a new thread for that sales item?


Freaky Coder
Staff member
Fixed on the back end on your setup, no worries.

Will be fixed later on in Forum sales add-on more generally but you are good.