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Bug Fixed Filter voting from sort list


New Member
Hey i'm not sure that really a bug but want to repport this.

When i open main voting page: "SITE/index.php?votings/"

That filter old voting (End voting doesn't show up)
This page use "End date" sorting / default (Allow us to choose which one was default will be great but not the question here ^^=

If you switch to any other (Start Date, Most Voted, Best Voted) that doesn't filter end vote anymore and show all voting from start.

Switch back to End Voting Sort View and filter show only no ended voting.

I actually use 25 voting / page

Thank for your work, this "bug" isn't really anoying but give you some extra work for your "free time" if you wanna work on it :D

Thanks for this great plugins !


New Member
Here is how to reproduce bug

In Voting System Setting use this or low


Post 30 voting (more than 25 voting (To get 2 page))

Close 5 voting (End date 30/11 - 5:00)

Sort all by :End Date
You will see 25 voting (1 page)

Sort all by: Start Date
You will see 30voting (2 page)

Another example:

Here is "Sort By End Date": I get 4 page X 5 voting

Here is "Sort By Start Date": I get 10 page X 5 voting

Only default sorting show "active" voting
All other sorting show all voting posted since start (end or not)

Tell me if you don't understand i try do my best :/
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Freaky Coder
Staff member
Ah you mean that if you select the end date filter it only show the active one ?

Then this would be as designed.


New Member
Really ?
Look like strange to show active votes only when you filter by end date and not start date or top rating :/