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Suggestion Implemented Font Awesome Icons in NavBar and TabLinks


New Member
I added the following to my EXTRA.CSS and now I have a nice checkmark in front of my Votings in my NavBar and matching icons in my sub-tablinks for your Votings product, and this brings inline with all other addons that use font awesome in their navbar and tablinks.

.navTabs .navTab.votings .navLink:before
    content: "\f00c";

.tabLinks a[href*="votings/authors"]:before{ content: "\f0c0" }
.tabLinks a[href*="votings/your-votings"]:before{ content: "\f007" }
.tabLinks a[href*="votings/stats"]:before{ content: "\f201" }
.tabLinks a[href*="votings/archives"]:before{ content: "\f1da" }
.tabLinks a[href*="votings/watched"]:before{ content: "\f03a" }

Something you should look into for the next release as an option for admins to use or not! :)