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Suggestion Implement percentage if the price reaches a certain threshold only


New Member
Hi all,

I'd like to see a feature, I really miss.
Since PayPal takes fees on every sale, for little sums it makes simply no sense.
For example: If someone wants to sell something for 10€ with a percentage of 2%, this would be 0,20€. This is way under the watermark of Paypals fees. As a result, the seller donates PayPal.

If there was an option to start with donations above a certain sum e.g. 50€, this would ensure that some money reaches the website owner at least and just the "expensive" products fund the donations.

Is it possibe to introduce such a thing like "Minimum price where the percentage comes to effect"?


New Member
At the moment, I still use the version for 1.x. But I do fully understand if you decide to implement it for 2.x only.

And by the way, have you ever thought of opening your addon to other payment methods besides PayPal?
Thanks and regards


Freaky Coder
Staff member
We won't be implement new features to xF1 indeed.

Yes we do but haven't had the time to do it so far, especially with the fact that it will cause issue with the percentage on sale as it's not something other payments provides allow so we need to implement things like pay in advance the percentage for the sale to display.