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Suggestion Important feature suggestions for mode 2 (or new mode)

So for us, mode 1 is not an option. We don't want to scatter the media library with albums for each month. We want those added into the various categories we already have.
Sadly, mode 1 is where most of the features are. Mode 2 is very bare-bones, and not really usable either.

So here comes a few suggestions to make mode 2 more useful, or new alternative mode 3, as long as it gets added upload_2018-9-23_8-30-26.gif -->

- When a user adds a new media item, he is asked if he wants to add this to the contest though a checkbox. We only want entries that the users took themselves, and in this case they may mark that checkbox. However, sometimes they may want to add media that they didn't take themselves, and we don't want them as part of the contest.

- Able to limit users to only vote for entries posted in the contest month. Not old entries.

- Number of medias per user, Number of votes per user: These should work for this mode!
I only want my users adding X media item to the contest, and only give my users Y votes each, and obviously not being able to vote for themselves.
If he wants to change his submission, he can edit that media item, remove the checkbox for MOTM (as long as none has voted for it), and then upload a new media item into the contest.

- Days Limit for media submission, Days Limit for Vote, Action when tie. All these are still relevant for mode 2.. Why isn't this a [*] feature? I would like to have 15 days open to add to the contest, and 15 days for voting for that months entries. If there are ties, I want to use the additional features in this addon options to break the tie..

- Post upon... These should also work for mode 2: User submission, Voting start, 24H prior submission end, 24H prior voting end and Voting reopened after tie.


Freaky Coder
Staff member

Because mode 2 was meant to be a mode where you vote for any added media in the gallery so there was obviously the stated limitations.

Thanks for your suggestion, I will surely take this into account but not in a very close future though as it will need some work.

Thank you. I hope it can be added, as I can't use the addon for now. Shame on me though for not doing my research beforehand.. :p