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Enable Google Map APIS

Go to on your google developers console.

Click on Overview link on sidebar

Screenshot_2 (1).png

Click on Enabled APIs tab to show if APIs are enable or not.
You should have theese APIs enable :
  • Google Maps JavaScript API
  • Google Maps Geocoding API
  • Google Maps Geolocation API
  • Google Places API for Android
  • Google Places API for iOS
  • Google Places API Web Service

If you don't have one of theese APIs enable, go to Google APIs tab and click on API link, what you must enable


Click on Enable API:

Once all APsI are activated, you should see them appear in the Enabled APIs tab:



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How get API Server key

Go to on your google developers console.

Click on Credentials link on sidebar then click on Create credentials (if you don't have key yet)

Screenshot_2 (2).png

Click on API Key link

Screenshot_2 (3).png

Copy key in your options



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Members Map API Limits

The external APIs that recover datas imposes some limitations.
  • Google Map
    • JavaScript API : 25,000 map loads per 24 hours
    • Geocoding API : 2,500 free requests per day and 50 requests per second, calculated as the sum of client-sideand server-side queries.
  • IP-API : Our system will automatically ban any IP addresses doing over 150 requests per minute. To unban your IP click here.
The data are saved in database to avoid the most possible requests to the API.
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