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Suggestion Multiple options


Would be great for digital products the user to have option to choose the length he wants to get updates.
For example here at xen-factory.com you sell addons for 1 year and after that we must renew etc.

Wouldn't be good to sell other lengths also?
Something like:
1- 1 year 10eur
2- 2 years 18.99

I believe would be great feature.


New Member
I agree that this would be a very useful update: the creation of several options for selling digital goods with different prices


New Member
Eso no es algo que imagino en un futuro cercano, pero podría llegar en algún momento.
I am really very interested in Marketplace, I would like to implement it in my project and I signed up to investigate more closely how it works and what it offers me.

My vision is to offer digital products with different price levels and I see that it has not been implemented yet. Do you have a date when you will implement this?