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Bug Not a bug No way to add countdown.


New Member
There's nothing in the ACP to add a countdown and when I click the tab on the main site it tells me I don't have permission to view the page even though I'm admin and have everything set at yes - even the new countdown permissions tic.


New Member
Okay. I downloaded a different addon to show the countdown since this one would not work. Since I just purchased this yesterday and have not gotten it to do anything, can I instead put the purchase towards the XF 2.0 version? It's too much of a pain to ask for my money back.


Freaky Coder
Staff member
It's not in admincp anyways.

Have you checked through the permission analysis that you do have access to add countdown ?


New Member
I've gone through every possible permutation of the permissions up to and including down to my user name. I've made sure I'm only in one permission group - Admin.

And searching the ACP for "countdown" found nothing but the initial options which talked about showing tabs, and the phrases.

Again, I have something already on my site and I'm fine with that. (Even though it's in the sidebar and I wanted to have it on the top of the page.) But I'm moving to XF 2.0 tomorrow, which is why I wanted the countdown. If it's okay with you I'll just grab the XF 2.0 version of the addon. I won't need the XF 1.x version in 26 hours...