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Resolved Potential Issue that needs to be looked at.


New Member
So, yesterday I updated our xenforo installation to the most recent update, and suddenly the Payment profiles stopped working correctly. So the other admin and I did a few things that we may have thought would potentially fix it, and suddenly the payment profiles reappeared, after the RM Marketplace addon was disabled. Once it was disabled, the forum stopped throwing errors on every page that had a reference to the addon.

I'll attach the screenshot of the error that came up when loading the payment profiles page via the admin area. I am thinking something was updated in the most recent XF update, that made the Marketplace addon not 100% compatible. FYI, I had the payment options for the Marketplace Addon, set to custom, to allow for more than just PayPal to be available to those wanting to sell through it.



New Member
Feel free to close this, found out the issue was a core library addon, from Addon Labs, that caused the issue, which made coding for a bunch of other addons not work the way they should. Addon Labs fixed the addon to stop the error.