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Not a bug profile links are messed up with certain add-ons


Using Dragonbyte Shop and/or XenCentral Feedback with
[XFA] RM Download Tracker 2.0.1 messes up profile links

Normal profile with links like "Postings" "About" etc.

View attachment 3444

If you click on "postings", you stay on the same profile page.

View attachment 3445

Download tracker enabled. Suddenly "feedback stats" is missing!

View attachment 3442

Clicking on "postings" or any of the links takes user to a new page, rather than the profile page :(

View attachment 3443

I've tested this with Dragonbyte Shop as well, same problem happens. When Download Tracker is removed, everything works fine.


Staff member
I will need admin access with Template modification access and mode debug enable please
Can you provide me an acccess by PM