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Support Server icons not showing up


New Member

The server icons are not showing in the ACP, but are accessible via the direct link. Any idea?


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New Member
Ah wait no you need to upload icons in data/xfa/customusernameicons
I have uploaded some icons in both data/xfa/customusernameicons and data/xfa/customusernameicons/icons and they don't show up in ACP. The direct links to the icons are working though. We are using Cloudflare R2 for storage.


Freaky Coder
Staff member
Oh indeed, there might be a bug with external CDN, I had that updated in Nodes Icon Tweak but might need to do the same for Custom Username Icons.

I will implement it but can't tell you the ETA yet as I have to finish working on an update of the RM MArketplace that makes it compatible with XF2.3 as well.