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Bug Fixed Several bugs when set icon via user group.


New Member
1. The option doesn't appear when make selection (only happen with User name icon, Banner icon is fine. The only way is to make the icon panel to show up is make a selection, then save, then reload the page.Screenshot (2).pngScreenshot (3).png

2. I choose fon't awesome icon, however, the icon doesn't show up. It even appear as an error image. Screenshot (4).pngScreenshot (5).png

Same result with default style. It's much easier to login and test on your own. I can send you the credential to see what is happening.

Nginx 1.21.4 + PHP 8.1.1 + MariaDB 10.3


Freaky Coder
Staff member
1. Indeed, fixed on my dev version.

2. Was the icon like that before you picked the one in admin ? Yes please send me credentials.


Freaky Coder
Staff member
IT's not supposed to happen based on the code.

What do you see when you save the icon and go back to edit ?
Can you do me an export of your usergroup database table ?