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Refused Suggestions and wishes for RM Marketplace - XF2 4.1.6


New Member
Feb 16, 2019
For a start, I would like to say thank you for your work and what you are doing is wonderful.

However, I would like to add a few suggestions and wishes.

1. If the buyer chooses another method of payment, when buying a product, after the buyer completes the contact form - the seller does not receive any notification. The seller may not know that someone wants to buy his product only if he does not go to his "Seller dashboard". I would like the seller to receive a notification by email and on alerts with reference to the correspondence with the buyer.

2. Also, the contact form that the buyer fills when buying is not available anywhere to the seller (at least I have not found it anywhere). I would like this form to be sent to the seller by e-mail and was available in the "Seller dashboard".

If possible, it would be cool if the Seller had the opportunity to edit the message template that comes to the buyer.

3. Also, after confirmation of payment by the seller - the seller receives a notification of the sale to the alerts, and the buyer only by mail, I would like the buyer to also receive a notification in the alerts.

4. In the statistics of goods sold in another way (not paypal) goods are not displayed in the graph. However, in the sidebar are visible. (Screenshot attached).

5. The currency selected in the default settings, when adding a product anyway, another currency is displayed.

6. And the last thing I would really like is the opportunity to use payment gateways that are already interned in xenforo.


Freaky Coder
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Nov 14, 2015

Thanks !

I am sorry but I am going to refuse this thread.

As you can see single feature requests are done one per thread in order for us to easily track things.