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Nov 26, 2019
Just purchased this addon and want to run a few tests before i start a live contest. How can i do this?
I set to Mode 1 and set to todays date and manually run the cron, but no album is created and no contest or forum post is started.
Can you give me an idea of how to do this.
Ps. My users have the option to create personal albums, but we dont use any other categories.
I have managed to figure out the above in full manual mode

Now i am looking for guidance on how to change the ADD MEDIA button to "Submit Entry", but only in the media of the month albums.
I also notice that the newly created album has a defaulf folder icon. Is there any way of changing this to a specified image in the future, maybe set from the options/settings page?
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Freaky Coder
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Nov 14, 2015
For your feature request regarding the icon, please open a dedicated feature request separated thread.

Regarding your question, you would need to add a conditional in the album view template (not sure of its name) and do something like that:
<xf:if is="{$album.xfa_mtom}">Submit entry<xf:else />Add media</xf:if>
This must be put where the add media phrase is in that template.