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Support [XFA] Core 1.14.1 - Update Notification Weirdness


New Member
Hi there.

I'm unsure what's causing this....


.... I asked mazzly, who suggested investigating some kinda server clocks(¿?)


New Member
Not sure I understand what you want from us ?
I'm simply trying to figure out why Mazzly's Add-on Update Notifier keeps notifying me of an update-(*supposedly)-being needed for [XFA] Core.

I have checked repeatedly to make sure that we do have the current version: [XFA] Core 1.14.1 and we do, however I have been unable to figure out why Mazzly's Update Notifier still says it requires an update.

When I click on the [XFA] Core update option - it takes me to a page stating - "Ooops, we ran into some problems".
I have already asked Mazzly about this, and he/she basically said this issue is nothing to do with his/her Update Notifier add-on, and probably caused by either the [XFA] Core add-on or some sorta server clock thing-(*which I don't understand).

Basically I'm just asking whether yourself or Frédérick might have any advice or suggestions. That's all.

Recep B.

New Member
There is a versioning problem maybe?

Core: from our backend, I can see your forum is on version 901120090 while version 901140170 should be available (other forums are using it), maybe you need to update the license or similar to get a newer version?

Nodes Icon Tweak: It seems they have used the wrong version for that release, so I put it in our backend to match and ignore the "correctly parsed" version. Hopefully, for the next release they will have it correctly set :)