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  • Media Of The Month - XF2
    XF2 Media Of The Month - XF2
    Create Media Of The Month contests in your XenForo Media Gallery !
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  • Tournament - XF2
    XF2 Tournament - XF2
    Organize and manage tournaments (sports, games, ...) between your users all within XenForo !
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  • Custom Username Icons - XF2
    XF2 Custom Username Icons - XF2
    All username, usergroup and usertitle customization your members ever dreamed of !
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  • RM Marketplace - XF2
    XF2 RM Marketplace - XF2
    Transforms your RM into an outstanding marketplace or shop !
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  • Forum Sales - XF2
    XF2 Forum Sales - XF2
    Simple solution to allow users to sell items through the forums using paypal.
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