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New Products

  • RM Donations - XF2
    XF2 RM Donations - XF2
    Gently ask your users for a paypal or bitcoin donation when they click to download a free resource.
    • MtoR
    • Updated:
  • RM Download Tracker
    XF2 RM Download Tracker
    Allow to view which users have downloaded a resource or which resources a user has downloaded.
    • Fredxd
    • Updated:
  • RM Marketplace - XF2
    XF2 RM Marketplace - XF2
    Transforms your RM into an outstanding marketplace or shop !
    • MtoR
    • Updated:
  • XFRM Update Announcement Thread
    XF2 XFRM Update Announcement Thread
    Create new announcement's thread in specific forum when resource is updated
    • Fredxd
    • Updated:
  • Mode Debug
    XF2 Mode Debug
    Allow administrator to enable debug mode or development mode
    • Fredxd
    • Updated:

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