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Suggestion Refused Additional Display Options In Postbit


New Member
We would like to suggest additional display options for items and categories.

For individual items please add a toggle option to force display of the trophy when message/conversation display is enabled. This is useful for contest and tournament awards.
For categories, add a toggle option to enable or disable display of trophies under that category. This is useful for disabling the display of minor awards such as 1st message, 1st like, etc.


New Member
To put it simply, add an option to automatically display certain trophies. Such trophies will be displayed even if the user didn't manually set it in his user cp.
Another suggestion is to add an option to disable the display of certain trophies. Users wont be able to select such trophies in their user cp.


Freaky Coder
Staff member
Ok but then what is the point of limiting the number of selected trophies if in addition you put some others ?
Understood for the second suggestion.


New Member
Actually that wont be necessary anymore with the current version of the addon, since there's an option now for admin to manually set the trophy of a user which should be enough for contest trophies.