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Bug Fixed Grid view help


New Member
I tried the Grid view and I cant find a way to show the uploaded images in the grid.
I suspect I need another addon for that.
There seems to be a couple of alternatives, but shich one is the best to use in combination with this addon?


New Member
Right after I posted this, I saw another thread on the topic. And that seems to point at that the first uploaded image should be visible by default. I have tried various alternatives in a new test thread but I have failed showing images in the grid.
So I might need to rephrase the question. How do I troubleshoot the fact that the grid view is empty?


Freaky Coder
Staff member
Grid view indeed takes the first image that is an attachement in the thread and I think not embedded inside the thread text.
Do you see any error in the browser console ?


New Member
When I look in developer tools, I get a lot of errors on page load.
"The requested URL /attachments/bbq-larver-jpg.132726/ was not found on this server."

And when I look at the image itself it have this path:

I would assume that as everything is based on "forums" in our case, the relative path in the error should be OK. But maybe not.