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Suggestion Refused Invite others


Active Member
I want to use your tournament for something really special, and i hope that a lot of people will talk about it to bring more people to the board. For this it would be nice to have a way for users to invite other people to the board and there to the tournament.

I dont know if XF has this function. Maybe i have seen some addons for this.

What the world maybe needs is a inviting-system that is useable from everywhere in the forum.
To invite to a tournament, to invite to the gallery, to invite to an event or invite just to read a thred/post.

Is there anything?
Is it thinkable to do something like this useable from everywhere, just with some template changes?

Or do we need this function for every single addon?


Active Member
Maybe both, the idea for a new addon that takes some params from everywhere in xf to have invitations to the world.
And maybe a small extra to your tournament.

I have a client that wants to start tournaments in real life, and this will be something that a lot of people will talk about, so it would be nice to show it to other people. The easiest way would by something like: mailto ...?subject=lala


Freaky Coder
Staff member
Well inviting users using a mail address could be something implementable.

Doing a new add-on is not something we have the time to currently.