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Suggestion Implemented Suggestion - following...


Active Member
I have an excellent suggestion which would be epic for us.
Our site is heavily based on members. Sometimes I have newbies and some older members may go straight away on their profile, post something and just follow the member - without even asking.
Asking is an etiquette thing that is usually expected on the kind of site we run.

Anyway, sometimes we have people who may not be the nicest around and I'd like to be able to prevent them from following other members for a given period of time.

@MtoR would this be possible?
This would mean a LOT to me if you could?
Thank you as always...


Active Member
Yes that would totally be feasible.
Fantastic! Of course, time is money and I totally get that. I'm a fan of your work as you know, and will happily contribute to the site's pot as a token of gratitude and appreciation.
Enjoy your weekend all.