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Suggestion Shipping Cost with Price


New Member
Mar 30, 2021

I was wondering if in a future update that the resource pricing could be updated to also include a shipping value (for physical products) input by the seller (not automatically generated like a previous suggestion posted here).

I was thinking that this part of the new resource editor:1617823665005.png

could be changed to be like this:
Where the input for "Total" is the "item price" + "shipping cost" and cannot be edited by the user. And if it could have an option for the forum administrator to put in extra html info below the shipping cost input.


Freaky Coder
Staff member
Nov 14, 2015
The shipping cost kinda depend of the location where you ship so this is not fully accurate.
I would rather implement something similar to what I implemented in my Forum Sales add-on.

Adding configurable shipping cost is something I envision in a next update yes.

It won't be in the next release which is intended to be a big release implementing XF payment profiles.