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Support Resolved Thread covers do not appear any more


New Member
I use extended cover for forums and threads. Everything worked fine, but now I realized a very strange behaviour.
  • All existing thread covers disappeared, the forum covers are still available.
  • When I try to add a new cover to a thread with appropriate permission I can see the "Manage Cover" button. I can upload an image for the thread cover, but if I click save no cover image appears. the "Manage cover" button has disappeared.
What can I do?

regards, rhodes


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Staff member
Can you send me admin access by PM and can you enable debug before


New Member
What was the fix on this? I am not seeing the profile covers that I once had prior to update. I would like to see if maybe I missed the same radio buttons or something.


New Member
Yes, user groups and options for the addon was both checked. I wasn't sure if addon upgrades were the reason so I updated all of them today. Since I have the admin account, I have all permissions granted but the manage cover still doesn't appear. I am currently making the last update and I will go through the settings and permissions one more time just to be 100% that I exhausted my issues. Was it the permissions that was wrong with the OP?


New Member
It was indeed the user permissions. I swear they were all ticked and tripled checked. I went back just a second ago and they were not. I can view it so we are good. I just have to adapt to the new "top" position. The answer is user group permissions for this thread :)